Within Knoll Gardens, the Knoll Gardens Foundation has installed a Trail Camera. It is currently located in a secluded area in the garden where a new wildlife pond has been created away from the more the well-trodden public paths.

The area provides an easy access resource for those creatures unable to find their way safely into the existing ponds and water features, and will retain the water that normally drains quickly through the garden’s dry sandy soil.

To enable us to find out who visits the pond we have hidden the Trail camera to allow us to, quite literally, provide a better picture of wildlife activity in the garden on a regular basis day and night. Our recordings will add to the valuable information provided both by our annual garden wildlife survey and individual species monitoring.

As you can see from the stills collage (below), already a wide collection of visitors have been recorded. Our camera also captures short video clips and you can also take a look at these which follow the collage picture.

Trailcam Collage – late 2019

Here’s our Christmas 2019 Compilation (No sign of Santa or Rudolph we’re afraid) :-

Christmas 24,25,26/12/19

The following provide just snapshot of those found in the last few months of 2019, as we start the New Year we will be looking to see who, when and with what frequency some of our visitors return.

Sparrowhawk 03/12/19

Bullfinch (male) 23/9/19

Bullfinch (female) 11/10/19

Mouse 23/9/19 – a regular, appears most nights even when the temperature drops to freezing

Grey Wagtail 1/11/19

Magpie 1/11/19

Nuthatch 1/11/19

Greenfinch 30/10/19

Jay 28/10/19

Squirrel 27/09/19

Thrush (and Jay) 27/09/19

Pigeon 21/09/19

Blue Tits (and Bullfinch) 21/09/19

Great Tits and Blue Tits 20/09/19

Blackbird 20/09/19

Robin 22/09/19 – often captured as the first and last bird of the day