Painted Ladies Here

A further report from our lepidopterology and odonatology expert, Keith Powrie

Just managed to fit in a count between days of wind & rain – again!

The walk started off cloudy but the sun eventually emerged and wow – What a show!

The average count for Week 20 is 24.  Yesterday’s count was 29. The most numerous were Painted Ladies.3 were seen on one patch of Verbena, with another one nearby. These beautiful Nymphalids migrated from the continent in late spring, assisted by the south/south-westerly winds.  The arrived in sufficient numbers to enable them to find mates and produce the summer brood that now adorn the nectar plants in the Gardens.

Painted Lady
© Keith Powrie

A rather tatty Common Blue was also seen.  Its bright blue scales having been lost to the rain and wind. Dragonfly numbers have also been affected by the inclement weather.

A Southern Hawker was found resting by the Lower Falls Pond.  This species has emerged nearly 2 months later than last year.

Southern Hawker
© Keith Powrie

A Ruddy Darter was observed holding territory on Dragon Pond – chasing off a Similar looking Common Darter.

A single Common Blue-tailed Damselfly was the remnant of this year’s damselflies,also seen on Dragon Pond.