Butterfly Watch

Below, a recent report from Keith Powrie of weekly butterfly monitoring carried out on the 6th July.
It will be interesting to see how the improved weather of late might affect forthcoming sightings.

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On the 6th June, a female Scarce Chaser Dragonfly was seen in contest with another female, for a territory on the left of the path leading to Mill Pond.

Scarce Chaser (female)
© Keith Powrie

One month later and the victor is still holding the same territory – unless they’re taking turns! It would be great if she could find a mate and the Gardens could have their own breeding pair. Unfortunately we’ve never seen a male in the Gardens, so we hope she has better luck than us.

June was a complete washout as far as weather is concerned and the conditions required before a walk can be carried out, were seldom met.
Consequently, emergence of summer butterfly species has been delayed and curtailed.

Painted Lady
© Keith Powrie

The average count for Week 14 is 21 – only 14 were discovered this year.
4 Green-veined Whites; 4 Meadow Browns; 4 Large Skippers; 1 freshly hatched, second brood Speckled Wood and, a glimmer of hope for the rest of the summer,a Painted Lady – a migrant carried over on the southerly winds of recent.