June Sightings

Our thanks to Keith Powrie for this latest report and pictures from the Garden.

Week 8 produced just a single Holly Blue.  Since then the weather has been abysmal and quite unsuitable for carrying out any butterfly counts, consequently Week 9 was missed completely.

On Thursday, we managed to fit in a walk for Week 10, before the promised deluge. It was pleasant in the sun, but the north-westerly wind made its presence felt when the clouds appeared.

Once again, the butterflies were thin on the ground, with a female Common Blue being the only one of real interest.

Common Blue (female) June2019
© Keith Powrie

Large Red and Azure Damselflies were present at all the ponds, with a few also scattered around the Gardens.

However, the sight of 2 female Scarce Chasers together, around the flower beds leading to the Mill Pond, more than made up for the lack of other dragonflies.

Scarce Chaser (female) June2019
© Keith Powrie