Spectacular Spring Butterfly Count

The environment in the garden is clearly working for our wildlife as this recent report and picture from Keith Powrie,  (our friendly expert in lepidopterology and odonatology) shows :-

Orange Tip
Courtesy and © Keith Powrie

“Last week’s count was pretty spectacular.
21 butterflies seen of 5 species:10 Brimstone; 2 Green-veined White; 7 Orange Tip and 1 each Peacock & Speckled Wood

This week with a temp of 25°C (Compared to 13 last week)
only 13 butterflies seen:4 Brimstone; 7 Orange Tip and 2 Speckled Wood.

However, the first damselflies of the season were spotted.
2 Large Red Damselflies, 1 at the Upper Falls Pond and another at the north end of the gardens.

Also a pair of Buzzards were observed chasing a Red Kite out of their territory behind the tunnels.

And a Grass Snake was seen swimming across Upper Falls Pond, eventually taking refuge under the overhanging Gunnera leaves.

Quite a jolly day out!”