Bugs & Buds toddler club gets kids into the garden

Bugs and Buds toddler club gets kids into the garden Bugs and Buds is a monthly garden club for tots launching at Knoll in May 2017. The club aims to inspire a love of nature from an early age with tots enjoying planting, nest building and bug hunting as well as activities specific to the changing seasons at Knoll.

Knoll’s glorious ornamental grasses provide wonderful habitats for wildlife as well as texture, sound and movement. Many of the deciduous grasses also grow from ground level to over five feet high in one season creating a constantly changing environment for youngsters to explore, whilst other things to discover include rare trees and shrubs, ponds, bird feeders, a bee hotel, and the garden’s very own dragon.

Bugs  and  Buds  is  part  of  a  programme  of   activities  being  run  by  the  Knoll  Gardens   Foundation  to  encourage  sustainable,   wildlife-­‐friendly  gardening  based  on  the   methods  used  in  the  garden  at  Knoll.  Led   by  The  Foundation’s  Education  Officer,   Tracy  Standish,  activities  will  be  season   and  weather-­‐dependent  but  can  include   story  walks,  making  bug  houses,  digging   and  planting,  seed  hunting,  outdoor  art,   making  bird  feeders,  nest  spotting,   garden  games  and  pond  dipping.

Bugs and Buds runs from 10.30am – 12 noon on the last Saturday of each month, starting on 27 May, and costs £4.50 per child. It is aimed at tots ages 2 – 4 and their parent/carer. Places are limited. To book please call Knoll Gardens on 01202 873931 or email education@knollgardens.co.uk.