2012 Annual Butterflies, Dragonflies and Damselflies Report

The weather prior to the start of monitoring was splendid, enticing a few early species of butterflies to emerge. As soon as counting commenced the weather deteriorated steadily throughout the spring and most of the summer producing a very disjointed set of results.

(Keith Powrie, an expert in lepidopterology and odonatology, has undertaken regular surveys of Knoll Gardens on behalf of the Foundation since 2009.)

You can read the full report via the attached link, but below are the key highlights:

The bad weather played a major part in the number of butterflies counted this year. A total of 397 individuals of 18 species were counted, although 146 of these were Red Admirals that came across from Europe in September. This compares to 310 individuals of 20 species in 2011.
The success story of the year was the Orange Tip as it performed well in the adverse weather conditions.

Dragonflies & Damselflies 
Again the bad weather played its part, with emergence 3 weeks later than in 2011. A total of 840 damselflies * dragonflies of 11 species were counted (4 damselflies & 7 dragonflies).
The success story of the year was the Azure Damselfly, with 130 counted in 1 week.


The Full detailed report is available here