2011 Annual Butterflies, Dragonflies and Damselflies Report

A cool wet summer saw a reduction in previously recorded numbers of butterflies, damselflies and dragonflies.

(Keith Powrie, an expert in lepidopterology and odonatology, has undertaken regular surveys of Knoll Gardens on behalf of the Foundation since 2009.)


310 butterflies were counted, representing 20 species. Of these the most numerous were:
Green-veined White – 70
Red Admiral – 46
Speckled Wood – 42
Whilst Holly Blue numbers were down compared to previous years they were still in the top 5 for the whole of Dorset.
Surprise visitor? Green Hairstreak – a heathland species.

Damselflies and dragonflies

875 damselflies and dragonflies were recorded representing 15 species, (5 damselflies, 10 dragonflies).

The Large Red Damselfly increased its numbers from 153 to 211, taking advantage of the warm spring.
Surprise visitor? Scare Chaser – a riverine species – and as its name suggests, scarce!

A full detailed report for 2011 is available here