Britain’s gardens occupy more space than all our nature reserves put together.

Imagine the difference we could make to our wildlife it we all learned how to share our gardens with nature.

The Knoll Gardens Foundation is working to make that happen.

We understand and believe that gardens and the built environment constitute an increasingly significant part of the earth’s remaining green space… Read about the Knoll Gardens Environmental statement

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We are a charity dedicated to refining and promoting our naturalistic style of wildlife-friendly gardening, using Knoll Gardens as a practical example and base for experimentation

Our programme of events, practical advice and education helps gardeners avoid wasting valuable long-term natural resources on short-term horticultural effects

Our research helps everyone take better planting decisions and create beautiful spaces that work for the gardener, the garden and its wildlife

Please support our work. Maybe become a volunteer. Help us to ensure the long term health of our green spaces for the benefit of future generations