Providing an example of tomorrow’s gardens – today

Britain’s gardens occupy more space than all our nature reserves combined. Imagine the difference we could make to our garden wildlife if we all learned to share our spaces with nature.

The Knoll Gardens Foundation is a charity helping to make that difference a reality.

The Knoll Gardens Foundation aims to help everyone discover an enjoyable route to responsible gardening without sacrificing beauty. We provide practical advice and education to help gardeners avoid wasting valuable long-term natural resources on short-term horticultural effects.

Green woodpecker at Knoll copy v2By promoting the use of sustainable gardening practices to protect wildlife habitats, reduce water usage and encourage biodiversity (a collective term for all living things), we aim to ensure the long term health of our green spaces for the benefit of future generations.

In recent years many gardeners have come to realise that our gardens need to be more than just decorative spaces. As we learn about biodiversity and our collective effect on all living things we are beginning to understand that our gardens can also be nature reserves – right on our doorstep.

In fact the wildlife potential of our gardens is increasing. As natural habitats are destroyed and the natural landscape is built on, our gardens can serve as a partial substitute, providing places for the plants, insects and animals on which we depend and which bring us so much pleasure.

As population pressure grows and the impact we all make on our natural systems increases, it is vital that our gardens become more in tune with the natural world.

The Knoll Gardens Foundation is a charity dedicated to refining and promoting this style of gardening, using the garden at Knoll as a practical example and base for experimentation.

The Knoll Gardens Foundation Registered Charity number 1159390.